Maximise your stress performance

Regenemm® uses biometric and psychometric real-time inputs in a machine learning environment. This is to directly help the day to day functioning of high stress professionals in the Healthcare and Corporate world.

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The Regenemm® app helps you navigate life’s competing demands

Regenemm® is designed to improve human performance and help you perform at optimal stress levels.

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Regenemm® is made for you

Our product is different, led by our CEO Dr Brendan O’Brien Consultant Neurosurgeon, this platform is carefully designed by our team of dedicated medical advisors.

Further strengthened by organisational and research psychologists, data scientists and machine learning engineers.

Our strength, is we use evidenced based medical decision making throughout the entire platform. Following world best guidelines for data security and protection.

Regenemm® has been made for:

Medical & Allied health professionals
Skilled professionals & corporate working groups

Regenemm® is different

Regenemm® is not like other health, wellbeing or mindfulness apps. The platform provides:

Medical based decisions making
Decision making based on a greater understanding of you
Better holistic insights
Data control. You’re in full control of what you share
Anonymised data

Features & Benefits

Combining biometric and psychometric data the platform uses advanced algorithms & machine learning to recommend regenerative guidelines at the precise time you need them.

Biosensor technology

We use biosensor technology to assess physiological biomarkers of a person’s performance at work and home in real-time.


We combine biometric data with newly designed psychometrics to assess the total person.

Machine learning

We use machine learning, on de-identified data, to refine research understanding in the stress-performance arena.

Your insights

We deliver insights and information privately to you through mobile and web-based applications.

Regenerative guidelines

We recommend a range of actionable items to address areas of excessive stress, overworking & emotional exhaustion.

A better you

We aim to improve your adaptability and agility in the technological age we are surrounded by.