Creative Thinking Institute

Creative Thinking Institute is a biotechnology company that is using MedTech to create a comprehensive health platform that maximises an individual’s stress performance levels.

The CEO and founder is Brendan O’Brien, a Neurosurgeon with over 25 years clinical surgical experience, working from St Vincent’s Hospital.

Working together in a start-up environment with other medical practitioners - GP, Cardiologist, and ENT surgeon to provide cutting edge health products to address and assist in human work and home functioning, in a day to day setting. Aided by leading organisation psychologists, research scientists and software developers.

CTI Products

Creative Thinking Institute are working on products that:

Use biosensor technology to assess physiological biomarkers of a person’s performance in work and at home.

Combine this with newly designed psychometrics to assess the total person.

Deliver information privately to the individual through mobile and web-based applications.

Recommend a range of actionable items to address areas of excessive stress, overworking, depersonalisation and emotional exhaustion.

Aim to improve an individual’s adaptability and agility in this technological age, we are surrounded by.

Use cloud-based machine learning and artificial intelligence to create and refine algorithmic de-identified data assessment that refines research understanding in the stress- performance arena across society.


Chief Research OfficerMs Mia Andrea Uy
Head of People, Talent, Culture | Organisational PsychologistMr Damian Panozza
Research PsychologistMs Fabiola Leon Gonzalez
Senior Researcher and Data AnalystDr Andre Gulyas
Psychometric Research ScientistMr Greg Eder
Content Marketing SpecialistMr Tom Rogers Woollett
Front-End DeveloperMr Jerome Soulas
Front-End DeveloperMr Joseph Magara
Front-End DeveloperMr Tadhg Lewis
UI/UX DesignerMs Holly Chen
UI/UX DesignerMr Edward Yu
Data ScientistMr Mohsen Razlighi

Medical Advisory Panel

Family PractitionerDr Bernard Shiu
ENT SurgeonMr Ross Triolo
NeurosurgeonMr Brendan O’Brien