Building AI Ethics into Every day Life

Democratising AI Ethics in healthcare

Dr. Brendan O'Brien

The New Roadmap: Democratizing AI in Healthcare

An ethical approach

In the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare, a shift is underway. Moving beyond traditional hierarchies and regulatory confines, the future of AI governance is being reshaped by principles of democratization and open innovation. This post explores the transformative potential of embracing community-driven development and open-source collaboration in healthcare AI.

The Evolution of AI Governance:
Historically, AI governance has been characterized by top-down regulations designed to control and standardize the use of technology. However, as AI's capabilities and applications in healthcare rapidly expand, this approach is proving inadequate for addressing the nuanced ethical, social, and technical challenges that arise.

Democratizing AI:
The democratization of AI and AI ethics in healthcare signifies a move towards making AI technologies more accessible, understandable, and modifiable by a broader range of stakeholders. By engaging patients, healthcare professionals, technologists, and ethicists in co-creation processes, we can ensure AI solutions are more aligned with diverse needs and values.

Open Innovation as a Catalyst:
Open-source projects and community-driven development initiatives are at the heart of this democratization process. By opening up AI algorithms, datasets, and tools for public use and contribution, we invite a multitude of perspectives and expertise into the development process, fostering innovation that is both rapid and inclusive.

The future of AI in healthcare demands governance models that are flexible, participatory, and grounded in the principles of openness and inclusivity.

By embracing democratization and open innovation, we can pave the way for AI technologies that are not only more ethical and equitable but also more effective and responsive to the real-world needs of healthcare.

Creative Thinking Institute is now forming an AI Ethics Board - this is to be diverse, inclusive and strategic in working to embed and educate ethics, as able for widespread transparent practices in AI healthcare.

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